GM8283C Datasheet – 28-bit data strobe transmitter

Part Number : GM8283C

Function : 28-bit programmable data strobe transmitter

Package : TSSOP56 Type

Manufactures : Chengdu Guoteng Electronic Technology


GM8283C 28-bit transmitter


GM8283C 28-bit programmable data strobe transmitter is mainly used for video / image transmission in the send part of the parallel input 28 bits LVTTL / LVCMOS data can be converted to 4 serial LVDS data stream. Input clock through the internal phase-locked, with the frequency output, while the conversion to LVDS differential form, and maintain the serial data stream with the output synchronization; clock frequency of 10MHz ~ 90MHz. In each clock cycle, 24 bits of RGB data and 3 bits of control data are transmitted in four LVDS serial channels, single channel data rate up to 630Mbps.



GM8283C datasheet pinout


1. Power supply voltage: 3.0V ~ 3.6V
2. Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 85 ℃
3. phase-locked loop fully integrated inside, no external components
4. input clock frequency: 10MHz ~ 90MHz
5. Total data rate: 2520 Mbps
6. Channel compression ratio: 28: 4
7. Input signal: 28 bits LVTTL / LVCMOS data and 1 LVTTL / LVCMOS clock signal
8. Output signal: 4 LVDS data streams and 1 LVDS clock signal that meet EIA / TIA-644 standard


GM8283C Datasheet