GPD2856A Datasheet – SOP16, Chip Designed for MP3 Player

Part Number: GPD2856A

Function: TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier Module For Arduino

Package: SOP16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Generalplus



( GPD2856A Arduino Module )


The GPD2856A is a chip designed for MP3 players with FM radio and Line In.






1. Support MP3 player format.

2. Can play T / SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio source (LineIn), inserted after the first broadcast, can also be switched by the Mode button.

3.Automatically detect whether the headset is inserted, and so on by the IO port (Mute) directly switch external amplifier, no external transistor.

4. Support the volume size, song number, … stored in the T card / SD card, U disk, the user can save EEPROM

5. Can automatically detect whether the external EEPROM and the decision is in the EEPROM or T card / SD card, U disk, save the settings.

6. To 1 AD-key port to achieve a variety of key combinations.

7. There are two sets of AD-key keyboards to choose from.

8. Support 3 FM radio chip: RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.

9. Does not support infrared remote control.

10. USB device mode is not supported.

11. Support USB audio mode.


Reference Site:

GPD2856A Datasheet

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