GS7138 Datasheet PDF – Current CMOS Linear Regulator

Part Number: GS7138

Function: Quiescent Current CMOS Linear Regulator

Package: PSOP-8, SOT-23-5, SOT-23-6, SOT-89-3, TDFN6-2×2 type Pin Type

Manufacturer: Green Solution Technology


GS7138 datasheet pdf


The GS7138 is a low quiescent current CMOS linear regulator, which operates with input voltage
from 6V to 40V and delivers output current up to 150mA. The linear regulator includes essential
features for the applications of portable devices with high voltage batteries, especially for supplying the always-on, keep-alive power circuitries.


GS7138 pinout



1. Ultra Low Quiescent Current: 11uA (Typ.)

2. Wide Operating Voltage: 6~40V

3. ±2% Initial Voltage Accuracy

4. Fixed Output Voltage: 1.8V ~ 13V or Adjustable Voltage

5. Programmable Discharge

6. Programmable Soft-Start

7. Build-In OTP

8. Build-In OCP

9. Short Circuit Current Fold-back


1. Portable/battery powered equipments

2. Electronic sensors

3. Microcontroller power

4. Real time clock backup power

Other data sheets are available within the file: CX-8824



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