GSD200S Datasheet PDF – Stepper Motor Drive Module – ST

Part Number : GSD200S


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Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

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The GS-D200 and the GS-D200 Sare drive modules that directly interface a microprocessor to a two phase, bipolar, permanent magnet stepper motors. The phase current is chopper controlled, and the internal phase sequence generation reduces the burden of the controller and it simplifies software development. The GS-D200 uses bipolar power outputs while the GSD200S has powermos outputs to significantly reduce both commutation and conduction losses. A further benefit offered by the GS-D200S is the complete protection of the outputs against any type of shorts.

Connection Diagram :

GSD200S datasheet



1. Wide supply voltage range
2. Full/Half step drive capability
3. Logic signals TTL/CMOS compatible
4. Programmable motor phase current and choppe frequency
5. Selectable Slow/Fast current decay
6. Synchronization for multimotor applications
7. Remote shut-down
8. Home position indication

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