GT9157 Datasheet – 5-Point Capacitive Touch Controller

Part Number: GT9157

Function: 5-Point Capacitive Touch Controller for Small-Sized MID

Package: QFN 6×6 52 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ( )

Image :



GT9157, a new-generation 5-point capacitive touch solution designed for 4.5” to 6” MID, consists of up to 26 Transmitter electrodes and 14 Receiver electrodes to provide higher touch accuracy. GT9157 supports up to 5 concurrent touches with real-time tracking of accurate position and motion trajectory as well as touch area. Furthermore, it is able to report such information to the host as required.





1. Report rate: 100Hz
2. Outputs touch coordinates in real time
3. Unified software applicable to capacitive touch screens of various sizes
4. Single power supply, internal 1.8V LDO
5. Flash embedded; In-system reprogrammable
6. HotKnot integrated


Block Diagram



GT9157 Datasheet



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