H9TP32A4GDBCPR Datasheet – 4GB eNAND (x8) Flash Memory


Function: 4GB eNAND (x8) / LPDDR2-S4B 4Gb(x32) / Flash Memory

Package: 162-ball FBGA – 11.5×13.0mm2, 1.0t, 0.5mm pitch

Manufacturer: Hynix Semiconductor


H9TP32A4GDBCPR datasheet memory


The SK hynix e‐NAND is an embedded flash memory storage solution. The SK hynix e‐NAND was developed for universal low cost data storage and communication media. The SK hynix e‐NAND is fully compatible with MMC bus and host.
The SK hynix e‐NAND communications are made through an advanced 13‐pin bus, and it can be either 1‐bit, 4‐bit, or 8‐bit in width. The SK hynix e‐NAND operates in high‐speed mode at clock frequencies equal or higher than 20MHz as defined in the MMC JEDEC standard. The communication protocol is defined in this MMC JEDEC standard.
The SK hynix e‐NAND is designed to cover a wide area of applications such as smart phones, cameras, organizers, PDA, digital recorders, MP3 players, pagers, electronic toys, etc. Features are mainly high speed performance, low power consumption, low cost and high density.


Ordering Information

H9TP32A4GDBCPR-KGM Ordering information

[ e-NAND ]

1. Packaged NAND flash memory with MultiMedia-Card interface
2. e-NAND system specification, compliant with V4.41
3. Full backward compatibility with previous e-NAND system specification
4. Bus mode
– High-speed eMMC protocol.
– Three different data bus widths : 1 bit, 4 bits,8 bits.
– Data transfer rate: up to 104Mbyte/s
– DDR mode supported

[ LPDDR2 S4B ]

1. Programmable RL (Read Latency) and WL (Write Latency)
2. Programmable burst length: 4, 8 and 16
3. Auto refresh and self refresh supported
4. All bank auto refresh and per bank auto refresh supported
5. Auto TCSR (Temperature Compensated Self Refresh)
6. PASR (Partial Array Self Refresh) by Bank Mask and Segment Mask


H9TP32A4GDBCPR pinout


H9TP32A4GDBCPR Datasheet