HC80UW PDF Datasheet – Resistance Weld Quartz Crystal

Part Number: HC80UW

Function: Resistance Weld Quartz Crystal

Manufacturer: Fox Electronics


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The HC80UW Quartz Crystal is a miniature resistance welded package that provides for an excellent hermetic seal and frequency aging. This high quality crystal offers a smaller footprint in a wide frequency range.


• High Frequency Range
• Fundamental to 50 MHz
• Resistance Weld

Options :

• Tolerances to < 5 PPM
• Stabilities to < 3 PPM
• Temperatures to -40ºC ~ -85ºC
• SMD Gullwing (HC80UW)


1. Frequency Range : 3.579545 ~ 200.000 MHz



HC80UW Datasheet

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