HC9P5504B-9 Datasheet – EIA/ITU PABX SLIC

Part Number : HC9P5504B-9

Function : EIA/ITU PABX SLIC with 40mA Loop Feed

Package : SOIC 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Intersil

Pinouts :

HC9P5504B-9 datasheet

Description :

The Intersil SLIC incorporates many of the BORSHT functions on a single IC chip. This includes DC battery feed, a ring relay driver, supervisory and hybrid functions. This device is designed to maintain transmission performance in the
presence of externally induced longitudinal currents. Using the unique Intersil dielectric isolation process, the SLIC can operate directly with a wide range of station battery voltages.

• Pin for Pin Replacement for the HC-5504
• Capable of 5V or 12V (VB+) Operation
• Monolithic Integrated Device
• DI High Voltage Process
• Compatible With Worldwide PBX Performance
• Controlled Supply of Battery Feed Current for Short Loops
• Internal Ring Relay Driver

HC-5504B, HC9P5504B-5, HC9P5504B-5Z, HC9P5504B-5ZX96

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