HCA0207 PDF Datasheet – Carbon Film Resistor

Part Number: HCA0207

Function: Carbon Film Resistor

Package: Axial Type

Manufacturer: Vishay


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This is Carbon Film Resistors, Power Type.


• Carbon film resistor with high power rating.

• Stable film structure on special ceramic

• Good overload and pulse withstanding characteristics

• For applications in power electronics and general purpose commercial electronics


STANDARD ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL POWER RATING P 70˚C W 0.8 LIMITING ELEMENT VOLTAGE MAX. VƆ 500 TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT ppm / K – 220 to – 1500 TOLERANCE % 1 2 RESISTANCE RANGE E-SERIES Ω 10R-1M0 4R7-2M2 48 48 24 HCA0207 • Coating: green 5 4R7-2M2 • Marking see appropriate catalog or web page • Additional yellow dot at the beginning of the code TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER Rated Dissipation at 70°C Limiting Element Voltage1) Max. Pulse Voltage Insulation Voltage (1 min) Thermal Resistance Insulation Resistance Category Temperature Range Failure Rate Terminal Strength, axial Weight 1) UNIT  Rated Voltage PxR PACKAGING MODEL REEL BOX PIECES / REEL HCA0207 5000 CODE R5 MIN. ORDER QUANTITY PACKAGING UNITS 1 PIECES / BOX 5000 2000 CODE A5 A2 MIN. ORDER QUANTITY PACKAGING UNITS 1 2 ORDERING INFORMATION HCA0207 MODEL TC ppm / K 100R RESISTANCE VALUE Ω 2% TOLERANCE ±% A5 PACKAGING A5-Ammopack 5000pcs www.vishay.com 104 For Technical Questions, HCA0207 Carbon Film Resistors, Power Type DIMENSIONS 6 mm L1 L D d Vishay Draloric DIMENSIONS [in millimeters] MODEL HCA0207 D max.  · Taping in acc. with IEC60286-1 · D and  AMBIENT TEMP.IN ˚C PERFORMANCE TEST Endurance 1000 hours at 70°C IEC 60115-1 4.25.1 Endurance at UCT IEC60115-1 4.25.3 Overload Test IEC 60115-1 4.13  For a resistance range of 10R to 1M0 CONDITIONS OF TEST 1000 hours at 70°C, 1.5 hours “ON”, 0.5 hours “OFF” 1000 hours at 155°C without load Short time overload 5 seconds at 2.5 x rated voltage or ≤ twice the limiting element voltage Rapid change between upper and lower category temperature Dry heat, damp heat cyclic, cold, low air pressure 56 days at 40°C and 93% relative humidity 10 seconds at 260°C solder bath temperature Tensile, bending and torsion 0.75mm or 10g, 10Hz-500Hz 6 hours REQUIREMENTS ≤ ± 2. […]

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HCA0207 Datasheet