HCPL7840 Datasheet – Analog Isolation Amplifier – Agilent

Part Number: HCPL7840

Function: Analog Isolation Amplifier

Manufacturer: Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)




The HCPL7840 isolation amplifier provides accurate, electrically isolated and amplified representations of voltage and current. When used with a shunt resistor in the current path, the HCPL-7840 offers superior reliability, cost effectiveness, size and autoinsertability compared with the traditional solutions such as current transformers and Hall effect sensors. The HCPL-7840 consists of a sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter optically coupled to a digital-to-analog converter. Superior performance in design critical specifications such as common-mode rejection, offset voltage, nonlinearity, operating temperature range and regulatory compliance make the HCPL-7840 the clear choice for designing reliable, lower-cost, reduced-size products such as motor controllers and inverters.

HCPL7840 Datasheet

HCPL7840 Datasheet