HD0802A Datasheet – ALC Band Amplified Microphone Output

Part Number : HD0802A

Function : ALC Band Amplified Microphone Output, 3Ch Audio Amplifier

Package : SMD 16PIN

Manufacturers : Wuxi YouDa Electronics

ImagesĀ :
HD0802A amplifier

Description :

The deviceĀ is a 3-channel audio amplifier with built-in microphone input amplifier. High quality audio output is available through simpleperipheral circuit and the amplifier gain can be adjusted flexibly by external resistor. It is widely used as pre-amplification in various stereo and 2.1-channel audio systems to pre-amplify the signal from the main chip audio.

Block Diagram

HD0802A Pinouts


1. BICMOS technology
2. Dual power supply (+5V/-12V)
3. Built-in voltage regulator
4. Low distortion
5. Standby function
6. Mute function and ON/OFF POP noise suppression



1. CD / VCD / DVD
2. Other audio systems

HD0802A datasheet

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