HDA200 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : HDA200

Function : Ultra Low Noise HDTV Distribution Amplifiers

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

HDA200 datasheet

Description :

Winegard’s new HDA series of Distribution Amplifiers was designed to meet the market demand for a heavy duty, quality built, cost effective solution for the amplification and
distribution of analog/digital broadcast signals from Off-Air and cable TV stations. Both the HDA-100 & HDA-200 are housed in an industrial grade, weather resistant enclosure.
Each unit has an RF input, amplified RF output, and DC power insertion jack. Each amplifier also provides a 5-42 MHz 2-way bi-pass.

The Winegard HDA-100 is a single RF input, 15dB gain, single RF output, with a 5-42 MHz 2-way bi-pass at -2 dB loss.

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HDA200 pdf

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