HDSP-315G-KG400 Datasheet PDF – Seven Segment Display

Part Number : HDSP-315G-KG400

Function : Slim Font Seven Segment Display ( Green Color )

Package : DIP 10 Pin Type

Manufacturers : HP ( Agilent Technologies )

Images :

HDSP-315G-KG400 datasheet

Description :

The HDSP-31xx-51xx Series of displays incorporates a new slim font character design. This slim font features narrow width, specially mitered segments to give a fuller appearance to the illuminated character. Faces of these displays are painted a neutral gray for enhanced on/off contrast.



1. Excellent Appearance
2. Slim Font Design
3. Mitered Corners, Evenly Illuminated Segments
4. Gray Face for Optimum On/Off Contrast
5. Choice of Colors: DH AlGaAs Red, High Efficiency Red (HER), Yellow, and Green

Other data sheets within the file : HDSP-315E, HDSP-315G, HDSP315GKG400, HDSP-315L, HDSP-315Y

HDSP-315G-KG400 Datasheet PDF Download

HDSP-315G-KG400 pdf

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