HG62E Datasheet PDF – CMOS Gate Array – Hitachi

Part Number : HG62E

Function : Hitachi CMOS Gate Array

Package : QFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

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HG62E datasheet


Description :

The HG62E series is a master slice CMOS gate array of which the gate length is 1um and user 2-layer metal interconnect technology. This series has twelve master chips with high gate count/pads from 770/68 to 24,000/272. These chips can replace not only CMOS logics but also TTL logics due to the high speed of 0.7 ns typ and compatibility of input and output buffers at TTL/CMOS level.


1. Auto-diagnosis
(1) Our DA will generate test circuit and test pattern automatically

2. Low power dissipation
(1) At 10 MHz operation (internal gate) : 200 uW / gate type

3. Powerful desing support
(1) Hierachical design capability
(2) Test pattern evaluation with fault simulator
(3) Auto-generation of test pattern
(4) Designs support at local design center
(5) EWS support available

4. Quick turn around time and resonable development cost


Other data sheets within the file : HG62E08, HG62E101, HG62E11, HG62E130

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HG62E pdf