HH-1T2012-400XX Datasheet – CHIP FERRITE BEAD

Part Number : HH-1T2012-400XX


Package : SMD 2012 Size

Manufacturers : CTC

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HH-1T2012-400XX datasheet


Description :

1. Effective in suppressing noise at high frequencies.
2. Suited for preventing abnormal oscillation from high frequency amplifying circuits.
3. Excellent solder heat resistance for soldering.
4. High reliability in circuits of high-current.
5. Lead Free (RoHS Compliant)


1. Noise suppression in digital equipments.
2. Computers and peripheral devices, VCR and camera.
3. Noise suppression in automotive electronic equipments, car stereo, car engine controller.
4. Noise suppression for OA electronic instruments.

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