Hi3516 PDF Datasheet – Full-HD IP-Cam SOC

The Part Number is Hi3516

The function of this chip is Full-HD IP-Cam SOC.

Package: 416-pin FC-CSP 0.65 mm ball pitch and 15 mm x 15 mm body size

Manufacturer: Hisilicon

Preview images :

Hi3516 datasheet pdf


This document introduces the characteristics and logic structure of the Hi3516 chip, describes in detail the functions, working methods, and related register definitions of each module. Use and chip performance parameters and package size.

Hi3516 is a professional high-end SOC chip developed for the application of high-definition IPCamera products. Its 1080P@30fps H264 multi-stream encoding performance, excellent ISP and encoded video quality, high-performance intelligent acceleration engine and other features can meet customers’ differentiated IPCamera features. It can greatly reduce ebom cost while meeting the requirements of product function, performance and image quality.


Hi3516 Datasheet

Hi3516 pdf

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