HIF3FC-34PA-2.54DS Datasheet – 2.54mm, Shrouded Header Connector

Part Number : HIF3FC-34PA-2.54DS

Function : HIF3FB and HIF3FC Series / 2.54mm Pitch Low Profile Connector

Manufacturers : HIROSE ELECTRIC

Pinouts :

HIF3FC-34PA-2.54DS datasheet

Description :

1. Flux Prevention

HIF3FC series straight type takes complete flux tight measures.

2. Low Profile

The pin header is a low profile of height 9.2mm.
The board to board clearance is 12.2mm for stacking connection.


1. Computers, termination equipment, various kinds of electronic equipment, Office Automation machines and so on

Other data sheets within the file :

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HIF3FC-34PA-2.54DS Datasheet PDF Download

HIF3FC-34PA-2.54DS pdf