HJR-3FF-12VDC-S-Z PDF – 12V, Relay – Tianbo

Part Number: HJR-3FF-12VDC-S-Z

Function: 12V, Relay

Package: PCB Type

Manufacturer: Tianbo Electronics


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NINGBO TIANBO GANGLIAN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD HJR-3FF SPECIFICATION FILE NUMBER:T810S-P001A DATE:2004/06/25 ■ CONTACT DATA Contact Contact Contact Form Material Ratings 1A/1C Silver Alloy 1A:10A 240VAC, 15A 125VAC 12A 120VAC/24VDC 250VAC/30VDC 15A 2770VA/240W 100mΩMax 100,000 10,000,000 1C: 7A 240VAC/10A 120VAC/24VDC 15A 125VAC Max Switching Voltage Max Switching Current Max Switching Power Contact Resistance Life Expectancy Electrical Machanical at 6VDC 1A ■ GENERAL DATA Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts Between Contacts and coil Operate Time Release Time Temperature Range Shock Resistance Vibration Resistance Humidity Weight Safety Standard 100MΩMin 750VAC(for one minute) 1500VAC(for one minute) Operating Extremes Damage Limits ■ COIL DATA NominalVoltage Coil Resistance at20℃±10%(Ω) Max Operate Voltage (VDC) VDC 0.36W 0.45W 3 25Ω 2.25 5 70Ω 3.75 6 100Ω 4.5 9 225Ω 6.75 12 400Ω 9 18 900Ω 13.5 24 1600Ω 18 48 6400Ω±15% 5100Ω±15% 36 w w w t a .D S a 10ms 5ms e h U 4 t e 1.5mm Operations(at30Operations/minute) Operations .c m o at 500VDC -40℃to+85℃(105℃) 10G 100G 10-50Hz 40—85% Approx 10g UL CUL TUV CQC Min ReleaseVoltage VDC 0.3 0.5 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.8 2.4 4.8 Max ApplicableVoltage VDC w w w .D a S a t e e h m o 3.9 c . 6.5 U t47.8 11.7 15.6 23.4 31.2 62.4 -1- ■ORDERING CODE HJR-3FF—12VDC—S—Z Z Form C H Form A Sealed Coil Nominal Voltage Relay Model ■OVERALL AND MOUNTING DIMENSIONS 安装图 4 接线图 5 1 3 2 Form C 5 1 3 2 Form A […]


HJR-3FF-12VDC-S-Z Datasheet