HK30EY0751M Datasheet PDF – 750pF, Ceramic Capacitor

Part Number : HK30EY0751M

Function : 750pF, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Manufacturers : AVX Corporation

Image :

HK30EY0751M datasheet

Description :

This is 750pF, Ceramic Capacitor.

Features :

• Excellent behavior on pulse and fast discharge conditions
• Excellent capacitance vs voltage characteristic
• Low dissipation factor
• Very low Corona effect
• Coated and uncoated devices available

Applications :

• High-voltage supply for gas lasers
• High-voltage dividers
• Marx generators
• Power generators
• High-voltage power supply
• High-voltage coupling devices
• Power line coupling system for Internet & Telecom

Other data sheets within the file :

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HK30EY0751M Datasheet PDF Download

HK30EY0751M pdf

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