HL2608 Datasheet – Segmentation Switch ( PDF )

Part Number: HL2608

Function: Multi-Function Segmentation Switch

Package: DIP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: HL


HL2608 Segmentation Switch


The HL2608 is a multi-function segmentation switch circuit. Applying a switch to control 2 or 3 light sources is suitable for multi-head chandelier control. All lights can be turned on in sections, some lights are on, and individual lights are on. It can also be used in fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, lanterns and other lighting and home lighting segmentation control occasions, for home and lighting intelligent products. The application is simple, wide-ranging, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


HL2608 datasheet pinout


1. CMOS process manufacturing, low power consumption
2. Wide operating voltage range (VDD=3~18V)
3. built-in reset circuit
4. switch is combined into one, beautiful, power saving, easy to install
5. with mode selection for 2 or 3 way selection

Application Circuit :

HL2608 circuit

HL2608 Datasheet


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