HLS-14F3L PDF Datasheet – DC Relay

This post explains for the relay.

The Part Number is HLS-14F3L.

The function of this semiconductor is Relay.

Manufacturer: HLS

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This is DC Relay.


1. Contact Form 2A /2C
2. Contact Material Ag Alloy
3. Contact Ratings 5A240VAC/5A 30VDC
4. Max Switching Voltage 250VAC/110VDC
5. Max Switching Current 5A
6. Max Switching Power 1250VA/150W
7. Initial Contact Resistance 50mΩMax at6VDC 1A

Featues :

R50066147 ATS0411191 HLS-14F3 D – DC12V – C CONTACT DATA Contact Form Contact Material Contact Ratings Max Switching Voltage Max Switching Current Max Switching Power Initial Contact Resistance Life Expectancy Electrical Life Expectancy Mechanical TYPE 2A /2C Ag Alloy 5A240VAC/5A 30VDC 250VAC/110VDC 5A 1250VA/150W 50mΩMax at6VDC 1A 100,000 Operations (rated load) 10,000,000 Operations (no load) GENERAL DATA Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts Dielectric Strength Between Contacts And Coil Operate Time Release Time Ambient Temperature Shock Resistance Malfunction Destruction Vibration Resistance Ambient humidity Weight Safety Standard 1000MΩMin at500VDC 1000VAC 50-60HZ(1 minute) 5000VAC 50-60HZ(1 minute) 15ms max 8ms max -30℃to+70℃ 10G 100G 10-55Hz,1.5mm double amplitude 20-85% RH Approx 13g TUV CE CQC поставщик: “ООО КОНТАКТ” web: http://kontakt-t.ru тел./ф.: (8634)369-333 e-mail: info@kontakt-t.ru CO […]


HLS-14F3L Datasheet