HPDL-1414 Datasheet – 4Char, LED Display Red

Part Number : HPDL-1414

Function : Four Character Smart Alphanumeric Display

Manufacturers : Avago Technologies

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HPDL-1414 datasheet


Description :

The HPDL-1414 is a smart, four character, sixteen segment, red GaAsP display. The HPDL-1414 has a character height of 2.85 mm (0.112″). The on-board CMOS IC contains memory, ASCII decoder, multiplex ing circuitry and drivers. The monolithic LED characters are magnified by an immersion lens which increases both character size and luminous intensity.  The encapsulated dual-in-line package provides a rugged, environmentally sealed unit.


1. Smart alphanumeric display : Built-in RAM, ASCII decoder and LED drive circuitry
2. Wide operating temperature range : –40°C to +85°C
3. Fast access time : 160 ns
4. Excellent ESD protection : Built-in input protection diodes
5. CMOS IC for low power consumption
6. Full TTL compatibility over operating temperature range

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