HS01G Datasheet – Half-Bridge Resonant Controller – Infineon

Part Number : HS01G, ICE1HS01G

Function : Half-Bridge Resonant Controller

PackageĀ : DSO8 Type

Manufactures : Infineon Technologies

Image :
HS01G controller ic


The controller ICE1HS01G with two gate outputs is specially designed for LLC resonant half-bridge converters. An oscillator with accurately-programmed frequency range is built inside the IC. The two gate signals are obtained by passing the signal out from the oscillator through a divide-by-two flip-flop. Therefore, two signals are of exactly 50% duty cycle and 180′ out of phase. To guarantee the zero-voltage-switching and safe operation in half-bridge topologies, a fixed dead time of 380ns is inserted in each internal when one switch is turned off and the other is turned on.

HS01G datasheet pinout

HS01G Datasheet