HS2272C-14 PDF – Remote Control Decoder ASIC, HS2272C-L4

Part Number : HS2272C-14, Correct Part Number : HS2272C-L4

Function : Remote Control Decoder ASIC

Package : DIP 18 Pin Type

Manufactures : ETC

Images :

HS2272C-14 pdf datasheet


Description :

HS2272C-14 is a remote control decoding ASIC paired with HS2260. Manufactured in CMOS process, it has a maximum of 12-bit three-state address pins, which can support encoding of up to 531441 (or 3^12) addresses. The possibility of code collisions and illegal scanning of codes to match is thus greatly reduced. […]

Features :

1. CMOS Technology

2. Low Power Consumption

3. Very High Noise Immunity

4. Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins

5. Up to 6 Data Pins

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Applications :

1. Car Security System

2. Garage Door Controller

3. Remote Control Fan

4. Home Security/Automation System

5. Remote Control Toys

6. Remote Control for Industrial Use


HS2272C-14 Datasheet