HS2272C-YX PDF – Remote Control Decoder ASIC, HS2272

Part Number: HS2272C-YX

Function: Remote Control Decoder ASIC

Package: DIP 18, SOP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: ETC

Image and pinouts :HS2272C-YX pdf


The HS2272, HS2272C-YX is a remote control decoding ASIC paired with HS2260. Manufactured in CMOS process, it has a maximum of 12-bit three-state address pins, which can support encoding of up to 531441 (or 312) addresses. The possibility of code collisions and illegal scanning of codes to match is thus greatly reduced.

A Remote Control Decoder ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) is a specialized electronic component designed to decode signals from remote control devices, such as infrared (IR) or radio-frequency (RF) remotes. These ASICs are commonly used in various consumer electronics, industrial applications, and other systems that require remote control functionality. […]


1. Low power consumption and strong noise suppression capability

2. Up to 12-bit tri-state address pins or 6-bit data pins

3. An oscillator circuit with an external resistor

4. There are latch type and transient output type


HS2272C-YX pinout datasheet


1. Home Car Security System

2. Garage Control

3. Remote control toys, remote control fans

4. Other industrial or home remote control

HS2272C-YX PDF Datasheet