HST-2027D PDF – 10/100BASE-TX Transformer Modules

This post explains for the transformer module.

The Part Number is HST-2027D.

The function of this semiconductor is 10/100BASE-TX TRANSFORMER MODULE.

Manufacturer: GROUP-TEK

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HST-2027D pdf

The HST-2027D is 10/100BASE MODUES. 10/100BASE-TX transformer modules are electronic components used in Ethernet networks to facilitate the transmission of data over twisted pair cables. They are designed to provide impedance matching, noise reduction, and signal isolation between network interfaces and the physical cable.

1. Speed and Standard: 10/100BASE-TX refers to the Ethernet standard that supports data transmission speeds of 10 Mbps (megabits per second) or 100 Mbps. These transformer modules are specifically designed for this Ethernet standard.

2. Transformer Configuration: The modules typically include multiple transformers that provide isolation and impedance matching between the network interface circuitry and the twisted pair cable. They are often built with center-tapped transformers.

3. Impedance Matching: The transformer modules ensure proper impedance matching between the network interface and the cable, maximizing the signal transfer efficiency and minimizing signal reflections.

4. Noise Reduction: The modules incorporate transformers with built-in common-mode chokes, which help reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and common-mode noise on the network cable.

5. Compliance with Standards: 10/100BASE-TX transformer modules are designed to meet the relevant industry standards, such as IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance.



1. Designed to meet IEEE 802.3 requirements
2. Designed for multiport repeater & ethernet switching hub application
3. Environmental Designed to meet IR 250 degree C for 1minute
4. Primary inductance (LP):350uH,min.@100KHz 0.1Vrms 8mA  […]

HST-2027D schematic transformer


1. For Auto MDI/MDIX

HST-2027D Datasheet