HT3786D Datasheet – Detection Charger Control Chip

This post explains for the semiconductor HT3786D.

The Part Number is HT3786D.

The function of this semiconductor is LCD drive power detection.

Manufacturers : HOTCHIP, Package : DIP 10 Pin type.

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HT3786D image

Description :

HT3786D is a built-in reference voltage, charged detection LCD driver universal charger control chip, with automatic identification of the battery pole, short circuit protection, over temperature protection.


1. Charge detection, drive LCD screen to achieve battery energy status display
2. Automatic identification of battery polarity
3. Built-in reference source, no-load regulator output, no external components to adjust the no-load voltage
4. Short circuit protection function
5. Over temperature protection function
6.  Highly integrated, very few peripheral devices

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HT3786D Datasheet