HX5186-A Datasheet – Charge Pump Controller

Part Number : HX5186-A

Function : Charge Pump Controller

Package : TDFN12 Type

Manufacturers : Himax techologies ( http://www.himax.com.tw )

Pinouts :

HX5186-A datasheet

Description :

The HX5186-A is a dedicated high performance and low noise DC/DC pumping controller IC with a feature of low cost solution on specified power application. HX5186-A can be used charge pumping architecture with different pumping factor that is controlled by master driver.


1. 2.3V to 3.8V Supply Voltage Range

2. VSP output range 4.5V to 6.0V

3. VSN output range -4.5V to -6.0V

4. Control signals voltage 2.3V to 3.8V

Other data sheets within the file : HX5186A, HX5186

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