HX5186-A Datasheet PDF

Part Number : HX5186-A

Function : 480RGB x 864 dot, 16.7M color, with internal GRAM, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver

Manufacturers : Unspecified

Pinouts :

HX5186-A datasheet

Description :


Himax techologies, Inc.


This  document  describes  Himax’s  HX8369-A  supports  WVGA  resolution  driving
controller. The HX8369-A is designed to provide a single-chip solution that combines
a source driver, power supply circuit to drive a TFT dot matrix LCD with 480RGBx864
dots at maximum. 

The  HX8369-A  can  be  operated  in  low-voltage  condition  for  the  interface  and
integrated internal boosters that produce the liquid crystal voltage, breeder resistance
and the voltage follower circuit for liquid crystal driver. In addition, The HX8369-A also
supports various functions to reduce the power consumption of a LCD system via
software control.

The  HX8369-A  supports  several  interface  modes,  including  MPU  MIPI  DBI  Type
A/Type B interface mode, MIPI DPI/DBI Type C interface mode, MIPI DSI (Display
Serial Interface) interface mode and MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface) interface
mode. The interface mode is selected by the external hardware pins BS3~0.

The HX8369-A is suitable for any small portable battery-driven and long-term driving
products, such as small PDAs, digital cellular phones and bi-directional pagers.

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