HY-1602B PDF – 16×2 Char LCD Module – AV Display

Part Number: HY-1602B

Function: 16×2 Char LCD Module

Pakcage : Module type

Manufacturer: AV Display


HY-1602B9 LCD Module


A 16×2 character LCD module refers to a type of liquid crystal display module that can display 16 columns and 2 rows of characters. It is a commonly used alphanumeric display in various electronic devices and embedded systems.


1. Display Size: The LCD module consists of a display area that can accommodate 16 characters in each of the two rows, resulting in a total of 32 characters.

2. Character Size: The characters displayed on the module are typically formed using a 5×8 dot matrix pattern. Each character occupies a block of 5 pixels in width and 8 pixels in height.

3. Backlight: Many 16×2 character LCD modules come with an integrated backlight, which provides illumination to improve visibility in low-light environments. Backlight options include LED or EL (electroluminescent) backlighting.

4. Interface: These LCD modules are usually designed to be interfaced with a microcontroller or other digital devices. They often use parallel interfaces such as 4-bit or 8-bit data communication, along with control signals for commands and data.

5. Communication Protocol: The communication between the LCD module and the microcontroller is typically based on a standardized protocol such as the Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller command set or a compatible equivalent.


1. Module size : 84 x 44 x 9.5 mm
2. View Area : 62 x 18 mm
3. Charater Size : 5 x 8 mm
4. Operating voltage option : 5.0V or 3.0V
5. Negative type LCD color : Blue
6. CGROM font option : English, japanese, Russian, etc

Block Diagram
HY-1602B pdf pinout


HY-1602B PDF Datasheet

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