ICE3B1565J Datasheet – SMPS Current Mode Controller

Part Number : ICE3B1565J

Function : Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 650V CoolMOS

Package : DIP-8 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Pinouts :

ICE3B1565J datasheet


Description :

The CoolSET-F3(Jitter version) meets the requirements for Off-Line Battery Adapters and low cost SMPS for the lower power range. By use of a BiCMOS technology a wide VCC range up to 26V is provided. This covers the changes in the auxiliary supply voltage if a CV/CC regulation is implemented on the secondary side. Furthermore an Active Burst Mode is integrated to fullfill the lowest Standby Power Requirements <100mW at no load and V in = 270VAC.

As during Active Burst Mode the controller is always active there is an immediate response on load jumps possible without any black out in the SMPS. In Active Burst Mode the ripple of the output voltage can be reduced <1%. Furthermore Auto Restart Mode is entered in case of Overtemperature, VCC Overvoltage, Output Open loop or Overload and VCC Undervoltage. By means of the internal precise peak current limitation, the dimension of the transformer and the secondary diode can be lowered which leads to more cost efficiency.

Features :

1. 650V Avalanche Rugged CoolMOS® with built in switchable Startup Cell

2. Active Burst Mode for lowest Standby Power @ light load controlled by Feedback Signal

3. Fast Load Jump Response in Active Burst Mode

4. 67 kHz fixed Switching Frequency

5. Auto Restart Mode for Over temperature


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