ICS574M Datasheet – PLL-based Zero Delay Buffer

Part Number : ICS574M

Function : Zero delay, low skew buffer

Manufacturers : Integrated Circuit Systems

Pinouts :

ICS574M datasheet

Description :

The ICS574M is a low jitter, low-skew, high performance PLL-based zero delay buffer for high speed applications. Based on IDT’s proprietary low jitter Phase Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device provides four low skew outputs at speeds up to 160 MHz at 3.3 V.

• Packaged in 8 pin narrow SOIC, Pb (lead) free availabl
• Zero input-to-output delay
• Four 1X outputs
• Output to output skew is less than 150 ps
• Output clocks up to 160 MHz at 3.3 V
• External feedback path for output edge placement
• Spread Smart™ technology works with spread spectrum clock generators
• Full CMOS outputs with 18 mA output drive capability a TTL levels at 3.3 V
• Advanced, low power, sub-micron CMOS process
• Operating voltage from 3.0 to 5.5 V

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