IKP40N65F5 Datasheet – 650V, 40A, IGBT, Transistor

Part Number : IKP40N65F5, Marking : K40EF5

Function : 650V, DuoPack IGBT and Diode

Package : TO-247, TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Image and Pinouts :

IKP40N65F5 datasheet


Description :

This is a High speed 5 FAST IGBT in TRENCHSTOPTM 5 technology copacked with RAPID 1
fast and soft anti parallel diode.

Features :

1. High speed F5 technology offering

2. Best-in-Class efficiency in hard switching and resonant topologies

3. 650V breakdown voltage

4. Low Qg

5. IGBT copacked with RAPID 1 fast and soft antiparallel diode

6. Maximum junction temperature175°C

7. Qualified according to JEDEC for target applications


1. Solar converters

2. Uninterruptible power supplies

3. Welding converters

4. Mid to high range switching frequency converters

Other data sheets within the file : IKP40N65F5XKSA1, IKW40N65F5, K40F655


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IKP40N65F5 pdf