IKP40N65F5 Datasheet – 650V, 40A, IGBT, Transistor

Part Number : IKP40N65F5, Marking : K40EF5

Function : 650V DuoPack IGBT and Diode / High speed switching series fifth generation

Package : TO-247, TO-220 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Pinouts :

IKP40N65F5 datasheet

Description :

High speed F5 technology offering

– Best-in-Class efficiency in hard switching and resonant topologies

– 650V breakdown voltage

– Low Qg

– IGBT copacked with RAPID 1 fast and soft antiparallel diode

– Maximum junction temperature175°C

– Qualified according to JEDEC for target applications

– Pb-free lead plating;RoHS compliant


• Solar converters

• Uninterruptible power supplies

• Welding converters

• Mid to high range switching frequency converters

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