ILI9225 Datasheet – LCD Single Chip Driver ( PDF )

Part Number: ILI9225

Function: 176RGB x 220 Resolution and 262K color

Package: Module Type



ILI9225 LCD Chip Driver


The ILI9225 is a 262,144-color one-chip SoC driver for a-TFT liquid crystal display with resolution of 176RGBx220 dots, comprising a 528-channel source driver, a 220-channel gate driver, 87120 bytes RAM for graphic data of 176RGBx220 dots, and power supply circuit. ILI9225 has four kinds of system interfaces which are i80/M68-system MPU interface (8-/9-/16-/18-bit bus width), serial data transfer interface (SPI) and RGB 6-/16-/18-bit interface (DOTCLK, VSYNC, HSYNC, ENABLE, DB[17:0]). In RGB interface, the combined use of high-speed RAM write function and widow address function enables to display a moving picture at a position specified by a user and still pictures in other areas on the screen simultaneously, which makes it possible to transfer display the refresh data only to minimize data transfers and power consumption.

Block Diagram

ILI9225 datasheet block diagram



1. Single chip solution for a liquid crystal QCIF+ TFT LCD display
2. 176RGBx220-dot resolution capable of graphics display in 262,144 color
3. Incorporate 528-channel source driver and 220-channel gate driver
4. Internal 87,120 bytes graphic RAM
5. High-speed RAM burst write function
6. Internal oscillator and hardware reset
7. Reversible source/gate driver shift direction
8. Window address function to specify a rectangular area for internal GRAM access


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