IM6403 Datasheet – Asynchronous Receiver Transmiiter

Part Number : IM6403

Function : Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmiiter (UART)

Manufacturers : Intersil

Pinouts :

IM6403 datasheet

Description :

The IM6402 and IM6403 are CMOS/LSI UARTs for interfacing computers or microprocessors to asynchronous serial data channels. The receiver converts serial start, data, parity and stop bits to parallel data veriying proper code transmission, parity, and stop, bits.


1. Programmable word length, stop bits and parity

2. Compatible with industry standard UART

3. On-Chip Oscillator with external crystal

Other data sheets within the file :

IM6402, IM6402/D, IM6402/W, IM6403/D, IM6403-1IPL

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