IP2845N Datasheet PDF

Part Number : IP2845N

Function : Current Mode Regulating Pulse Width Modulator

Manufacturers : Semelab – > TT Electronics plc

Pinouts :

IP2845N datasheet

Description :

The IP1844 and IP1845 series of switching regulator control circuits contain all the functions necessary to implement off-line, current mode switching regulators, using a minimum number of external parts.

Functions included are voltage reference, error amplifier, current sense comparator, oscillator, totem-pole output driver and under-voltage lockout circuitry. In addition there is a toggle flip-flop which blanks the output on every second clock pulse, thereby ensuring that the duty cycle never exceeds 50%.

Although pin compatible with the UC1844 and UC1845 series, SEMELAB has incorporated several improvements in the IP1844 and IP1845 series allowing tighter and more complete specification of electrical performance .

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