IRIS-G5653 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : IRIS-G5653


Package : TO-220-5 Pin Type

Manufacturers : International Rectifier

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IRIS-G5653 datasheet


Description :

1. Oscillator is provided on the monolithic control with adopting On-Chip Trimming technology.
2. Small temperature characteristics variation by adopting a comparator to compensate for temperature on the control part.
3. Low start-up circuit current (100uA max)
4. Built-in Active Low-Pass Filter for stabilizing the operation in case of light load
5. Avalanche energy guaranteed MOSFET with high VDSS
6. The built-in power MOSFET simplifies the surge absorption circuit since the MOSFET guarantees the avalanche energy.
7. No VDSS de-rating is required.
8. Indirect feed-back by built-in error amplifier on Vin terminal

Other data sheets within the file : IRISG5653

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