ISL12021 Datasheet – Real Time Clock – Intersil

Part Number : ISL12021

Function : Real Time Clock

Package : TSSOP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Intersil

Pinouts :

ISL12021 datasheet


Description :

The ISL12021 device is a low power real time clock with an embedded Temp sensor for oscillator compensation, clock/calendar, power fail, low battery monitor, brown out indicator, single periodic or polled alarms, intelligent battery backup switching and 128 bytes of battery-backed user SRAM. The oscillator uses an external, low-cost 32.768kHz crystal. The real time clock tracks time with separate registers for hours, minutes, and seconds.

Features :

1. Real Time Clock/Calendar
– Tracks Time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds
– Day of the Week, Day, Month and Year

2. On-chip Oscillator Compensation Over the Operating Temp Range
– ±5ppm over -20°C to +70°C

3. Day Light Saving Time

– Customer Programmable

4. Separate FOUT pin
– 15 Selectable Frequency Outputs

Applications :

1. Utility Meters

2. POS Equipment

3. Medical Application

4. Security Related Application

5. Vending Machine

Other data sheets within the file : ISL12021CVZ


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