ISL24006 PDF – 14-Channel Programmable Switchable

Part Number: ISL24006

Function: 14-Channel Programmable Switchable

Package: QFN 38 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intersil Corporation


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ISL24006 image


This is 14-Channel Programmable Switchable I2C TFT-LCD Reference Voltage Generator.

The ISL24006 is a 14-channel programmable switchable reference voltage generator with four channels of static gamma drivers integrated, for a complete 18-channel total gamma solution for TFT-LCD displays. The 14-channel programmable switchable configuration allows switching between two gamma curves.


1. 14-channel programmable switchable

2. 4-channel static

3. Fast switch time (< 1µs)

4. Programmable with 20mV resolution

5. Digital supply 3.3V to 5V

6. Supply current of 32mA (without load)



1. TFT-LCD drive circuits

2. Reference voltage generators


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Other data sheets are available within the file: ISL24006IR, ISL24006IRZ

ISL24006 Datasheet