ISL6219 Datasheet – BUCK PWM Controller

Part Number : ISL6219

Function : Microprocessor CORE Voltage Regulator Precision Multi-Phase BUCK PWM Controller for Mobile Applications

Package : SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Intersil

Pinouts :

ISL6219 datasheet

Description :

The ISL6219, ISL6219A provides core-voltage regulation by driving up to three interleaved synchronous-rectified buck-converter channels in parallel. Intersil multi-phase controllers together with ISL6207 gate drivers form the basis for the most reliable power-supply solutions available to power the latest industry-leading microprocessors. Multi-phase buck-converter architecture uses interleaved timing to multiply ripple frequency and reduce input and output ripple currents.


1. Multi-Phase Power Conversion

2. Active Channel Current Balancing

3. Lossless current sense scheme
– Optional current sense method higher precision

Other data sheets within the file :

ISL6219ACA, ISL6219A, ISL6219CA

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