ISO1541 Datasheet – Bidirectional I2C Isolator

Part Number : ISO1541

Function : Low-Power Bidirectional I2C Isolators

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

ISO1541 datasheet

Description :

The ISO1540 and ISO1541 are low-power, bidirectional isolators that are compatible with I2C interfaces. These devices have their logic input and output buffers separated by TI’s Capacitive Isolation technology using a silicon dioxide (SiO2) barrier. When used in conjunction with isolated power supplies, these devices block high voltages, isolate grounds, and prevent noise currents from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry.

This isolation technology provides for function, performance, size, and power consumption advantages when compared to opto-couplers. The ISO1540 and ISO1541 enable a complete isolated I2C interface to be implemented within a small form factor.



1. Electric and hybrid-electric vehicles

2. Isolated I2C buses

3. SMBus and PMBus interfaces

4. Open-drain networks

5. Motor control systems

6. Battery management

7. I2C level shifting

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