IT6633E-P PDF Datasheet – 3-to-1 HDMI 1.3 Active Switch

Part Number: IT6633E-P

Function: 3-to-1 HDMI 1.3 Active Switch

Package: 64-pin LQFP Type

Manufacturer: ITE TECH


IT6633E-P datasheet pdf


The IT6633E-P is a three-to-one HDMI v.1.3 active switch that supports a signalling rate of up to 2.25Gbps and the new Deep Color modes. A one-port SINK systems such as flat-panel TVs or LCD projectors could also easily upgrade to three-port by adding an IT6633 at the front. The IT6633 operates in software mode that allows the system to control it via a two-line serial interface, PCSCL/PCSDA. The IT6633 offers two selectable serial programming addresses by PCADR0. As a active switch, the IT6633 equalizes incoming TMDS data with optimal quality regardless of the incoming signal quality. The highly acclaimed equalization technology of ITE TECH. INC. provides for support of long or low-quality HDMI cables at even the highest speeds. Input terminations of the TMDS inputs and output current levels are both programmable. In addition, the input terminations are disconnectable and hence significantly lower the system power consumption in inactive modes.

The IT6633 embeds an EDID RAM to save the cost of the Three external EDID ROMs. The process of downloading the EDID data into the RAM is simplified by the automatic read-back capability of the IT6633, minimizing the need of MCU intervention. The IT6633 also embeds three 1K-ohm resisters for HPD signal paths to save external resisters and easy to implement the plug authentication. The IT6633 also incorporates I2C repeater in its DDC switches, which isolates the DDC capacitances of the two sides of the switch. This allows for longer cable cascading as well as significantly eases the system design to pass Test ID 8-9: DDC/CEC Line Capacitance and Voltage of the HDMI Compliance Test. The IT6633 also distinguish itself from its peers in that it offers ±8kV of Human Body Mode ESD protection to all TMDS high-speed input pins. This saves significant costs in external high-speed ESD diodes, which could be very expensive.


IT6633E-P pinout


1. HDMI active switch, providing superior performance over traditional passive switches

2. Compliant with HDMI 1.3 and DVI 1.0 standards

3. Active port detection by monitoring PWR5V inputs and TMDS input clock.

4. PC resolutions: VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA to UXGA ƒ Single 3.3V operation

5. Internal AC-coupling at TMDS inputs to cope with uneven intra-pair DC levels of incoming TMDS signals.

6. Embedded EDID RAM saves external EDID ROM costs

7. Embedded HDP resistors

8. Integrated HPD switches



IT6633E-P Datasheet