IT8718F-S PDF Datasheet – Low Pin Count Input / Output

Part Number: IT8718F-S

Function: Low Pin Count Input / Output

Package: QFP 128 Pin type

Manufacturer: ITE


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The IT8718F-S is a Low Pin Count Interface-based highly integrated Super I/O. The device provides the most commonly used legacy Super I/O functionality plus the latest Environment Control initiatives, such as H/W Monitor, Fan Speed Controller. The device’s LPC interface complies with Intel “LPC Interface Specification Rev. 1.0”. The IT8718F is ACPI & LANDesk compliant.

IT8718F-S Environment Control – Low Pin Count Input / Output (EC – LPC I/O) Preliminary Specification V0.3 ITE TECH. INC. Specification subject to Change without notice, AS IS and for reference only. For purchasing, please contact sales representatives. Please note that the IT8718F-S V0.3 is applicable to C version and future versions. Copyright © 2006 ITE Tech. Inc. This is Preliminary document release.

Table 4-1. Pins Listed in Numeric Order was revised. • Table 5-3. Pin Description of GPI/O Signals was revised. • In Table 5-6. Pin Description of Infrared Port Signals, added the third and fourth functions for pin 66. • In Table 6-4. General Purpose I/O Group 4 (Set 4), pin 66 was revised. • Table 7-1. Power On Strapping Options was revised. • Table 8-1. Global Configuration Registers was revised. • Table 8-9. GPIO Configuration Registers was revised. • Table 8-10. GPIO Configuration Registers was revised. • In 8.3.5 Configuration Select and Chip Version (Index=22h, Default=01h), the default value was revised from “00h” to “01h” and added “0001b for C version” to the description of bit 3-0. • In 8.3.6 Clock Selection Register (Index=23h, Default=00h), added “Powered by VSB” to the description of bit 3-2. • In 8.3.12 GPIO Set 5 Multi-Function Pin Selection Register (Index=29h, Default=00h), the descr […]


IT8718F-S Datasheet