JGC-4F Datasheet PDF – Solid State Relay – Hongfa

Part Number : JGC-4F

Function : Solid State Relay

Package : 4 Pin type

Manufacturers : Hongfa

Image :

JGC-4F datasheet


Description :

This SPST-NO printed circuit board mount SIP SSR provides AC output switching in a high density package.The JGC-4F’s DC input is compatible with 5, 12 and 24V logic systems .All models include an internal snubber.The relays provide 2000Vrms opto-isolation,between input and output. Encapsulation,thermally conductive epoxy.


1. DC input-AC output for 2A load at 25’C
2. 600 Volt blocking voltage
3. Photo isolation
4. Built-in snubber
5. Zero cross or random turn-on
6. Printed circuit board mount

Other data sheets within the file : JGC4F, JGC-4F/12D1T

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JGC-4F pdf