JRC5532D PDF – Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier

Part Number: JRC5532D

Function: Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier

Package: DIP8, DMP8, SIP8 Type

Manufacturer: JRC ( New Japan Radio )


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The JRC5532D is a high performance dual low noise operational amplifier. Compared to the standard dual operational amplifiers, such as the NJM1458,it shows better noise performance, improved output drive capability, and considerably higher small-signal and power bandwidths.

This makes the device especially suitable for application in high quality and professional audio equipment, instrumentation, control circuits, and telephone channel amplifiers.  […]


1. Operating Voltage ( ±3V~±20V )
2. Small Signal Bandwidth ( 10MHz typ. )
3. Output Drive Capability ( 600Ω,10Vrms typ. )
4. Input Noise Voltage ( 5nV/√Hz typ. )
5. Power Bandwidth ( 140kHz typ. )
6. Slew Rate ( 8V/µs typ. )

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JRC5532D Datasheet

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