K07N120 Datasheet – 1200V, 8A, IGBT, Transistor

Part Number : K07N120

Function : 1200V, 8A, Fast IGBT in NPT-technology

Package : TO-247 Type

Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies

Pinouts :

K07N120 datasheet

Description :

Fast IGBT in NPT-technology with soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Emitter Controlled Diode

– Lower Eoff compared to previous generation
– Short circuit withstand time – 10us
– Designed for :
  – Motor controls
  – Inverter
  – SMPS
– NPT-Technology offers:
  – very tight parameter distribution
  – high ruggedness, temperature stable behaviour
  – parallel switching capability

Other data sheets within the file : SKW07N120

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