K2134 Datasheet – Vdss=200V, N-ch MOSFET – NEC

Part Number : K2134, 2SK2134

Function : N-channel power MOS FET for high voltage switching applications

Manufacturers : NEC


K2134 mosfet nec

Description :

The K2134, 2SK2134-Z are N-channel Power MOS Field Effect Transistor designed for hig voltage switching applicaions.

K2134 datasheet pinout

1. Low On-state Resistance

Rds(on) = 0.4Ohm Max. ( Vgs = 10V, Id = 7.0A )

2. Low Ciss = 500 pF TYP.

3. High Avalache Capability Ratings

K2134 Datasheet PDF

K2134 pdf


Other data sheets within the file : 2SK2134, 2SK2134-Z, K2134-Z