K9HBG08U1M Datasheet PDF

Part Number : K9HBG08U1M

Function : Advance FLASH MEMORY

Manufacturers : Samsung

Pinouts :

K9HBG08U1M datasheet

Description :

2G x 8 Bit / 4G x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory Offered in 2Gx8bit the K9LAG08U0M is a 16G-bit NAND Flash Memory with spare 512M-bit. Its NAND cell provides the most costeffective
solution for the solid state mass storage market. A program operation can be performed in typical 800μs on the 2112-byte
page and an erase operation can be performed in typical 1.5ms on a (256K+8K)byte block. Data in the data register can be read out
at 30ns(K9MCG08U5M:50ns) cycle time per byte. The I/O pins serve as the ports for address and data input/output as well as command
input. The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition where required and
internal verification and margining of data. Even the write-intensive systems can take advantage of the K9LAG08U0M′s extended
reliability of 5K program/erase cycles by providing ECC(Error Correcting Code) with real time mapping-out algorithm. The
K9LAG08U0M is an optimum solution for large nonvolatile storage applications such as solid state file storage and other portable
applications requiring non-volatility.
An ultra high density solution having two 16Gb stacked with two chip selects is also available in standard TSOPI package.

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