KA2133 Datasheet PDF – 1-Chip Deflection System

Part Number : KA2133

Function : 1-Chip Deflection System

Package :  DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

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KA2133 datasheet

Description :

The KA2133 consists of a vertical system including an output function and a horizontal system in cluding an AFC function. It is for use in small size color TVs, B/W TV receivers and


1. Low power consumption, direct deflection coil driving capability
(Flyback voltage is two times as high as supply voltage is supplied during flyback period )

2. Variable circuit of vertical retrace time on chip.

KA2133 block diagram


1. Horizontal Section
(1) SYNC separators
(2) Horizontal oscillators
(3) Horizontal predrivers
(4) Horizontal AFCs
(5) Shunt regulators (Typ: 6.7V)

2. Vertical Section
(1) Vertical oscillators
(2) Vertical predrivers
(3) Vertical output
(4) Flyback generators

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