KA7632 PDF Datasheet – Fixed Multi-output Regulator

Part Number: KA7632

Function: Fixed Multi-output Regulator

Package: 10-SIP H/S Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild

Images:KA7632 pdf pinout fairchild


The KA7632 / KA7633 is a multi-output positive voltage regulator designed to provide fixed precision output voltages of 3.3V, 8V (KA7632) / 9V (KA7633) at current up to 0.5A and 5.1V at current up to 1A with external PNP transistor. An internal reset circuit generates a reset pulse when the output 1 decrease below the regulated value. Output2 & 3 can be disabled by TTL input. Protection features include over voltage protection, short circuit protection and thermal


• Output Currents up to 0.5A (output1 & 2)

• Output Current up to 1A with External Transistor (output3)

• Fixed Precision Output 1 voltage 3.3V ± 2%

• Fixed Precision Output 2 voltage 8V ± 2% (KA7632)

• Fixed Precision Output 2 voltage 9V ± 2% (KA7633)

• Control Signal Generator for Output 3 voltage (5.1V ± 2%)

• Reset Facility for Output Voltage1

• Output 2,3 with Disable by TTL Input

• Current Limit Protection at Each Output

• Thermal Shut Dow


KA7632 datasheet regulator

KA7632 PDF Datasheet