KAD7001 Datasheet – CMOS dual-slope A/D converter

Part Number : KAD7001

Function : 3 3/4-Digit 3260-Count A/D Converter

Package : 80 QFP Type

Manufacturers : Samsung

Pinouts :

KAD7001 datasheet

Description :

80QFP, 0’C ~ 50’C

The KAD7001 is a low power CMOS dual-slope A/D converter with 3 3/4-digit number and 33-segment bar-graph LCD display driver, auto-ranging, and single 3V battery operation.

It is ideal for high performance auto-range DMM apllications with 3260 counts full-scale.

Other data sheets within the file : KAD-7001,KAD7001Q

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